Our audio team has over thirty years of experience in all aspects of audio production. With backgrounds in feature films, television, commercial post, orchestral and album production.

Our state-of-the-art recording and post production studios in Los Angeles can meet all audio requirements at any scale.

Our Skills:

Sound Design

We can draw from our deep library or create original foley to bring any size production to vivid life. We have experience on commercials to major studio features.

ADR Recording

Our VO room facilitates a relaxed and perfectly tuned ADR situation while we provide state of the art solutions to fixing the most broken set dialogue.

Voice Over Recording

After many animated studio features we have perfected a signal chain that delivers and an actor director environment that’s adaptable to suit any need while including producorial participation.

Audio Editing

Three stations provide every facet of music, dialogue, and foley mixing.

Mixing and Mastering

We provide all levels of mix and mastering in most deliverable formats.

Music Composition

Baby Giant has a deep roster of acclaimed musicians in all genres to choose from. Broad orchestral to midi mood.

Music Production

Baby Giant can and has recorded a variety of albums and can facilitate most any tracking through mix situation. We have a very large assortment of instruments, amplifiers and microphones. 

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