We are artists.

We ensure each project is unique, combining original ideas and distinct stories set in fantastic imaginary worlds.

We are storytellers.

We specialize in the production of high-quality CG animated content and immersive VR experiences for international audiences.

We are pioneers.

We accelerate the capabilities of excising production technologies and workflows through our multi-layered production pipeline optimized for speed and effectiveness.

We are international.

We benefit from being anchored in LA and Berlin - two of the world’s main hubs for entertainment production and technology.

We are people.

We are dedicated to providing a customized solution for our clients; a personalized experience unlike anywhere else.

Founding Partners

Jimmy Hayward
Jimmy Hayward
Chris DiGiovanni
Chris (Maddog) DiGiovanni
Heiko Nemmert
Heiko Nemmert
Daniel von Braun
Daniel von Braun

The additional nitty-gritty

2015 saw the birth of Baby Giant Hollyberg to founders: Director and Executive Producer Jimmy Hayward, Producer Chris DiGiovanni alongside German business partners, Daniel von Braun and Heiko Nemmert.